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EMB ECOP Network Forum

The 1st EMB Early Career Ocean Professional (ECOP) Network Forum will be held on 8-9 October 2023 at the Cidade da Cultura in Santiago de Compostela, Spain with the generous support of IIM-CSIC. The Forum is planned to take place back-to-back with the EurOCEAN conference 2023 in Vigo, so attending ECOPs can also take advantage of this major marine science-policy conferences in Europe after the forum. We will welcome 70 ECOPs, i.e. two ECOPs from each of the EMB member organizations.

As Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPs) are interested to engage in the marine science-policy discussions, the European Marine Board Ambassadors are organizing a 2-day EMB ECOP Network Forum to provide both training and a space for intergenerational dialogue between EMB ECOPs and European policy makers, experts, as well as senior scientists. The event will take place in person only on Sunday 8 and Monday 9 October 2023 at the Cidade da Cultura, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

During this unique forum, participants will be able to:

  1. Participate in training sessions on the European marine science policies landscape, science communication tools to make your science more impactful for policy, and collaboration strategies 
  2. Meet and network with other ECOPs from different institutions across Europe to create an interdisciplinary EMB ECOP community 
  3. Exchange and open dialogue with policy-makers, experts, as well as senior scientists
  4. Have the opportunity to speak with one voice by providing recommendations on how to improve ECOP engagement in the current marine-science policy landscape. These recommendations will be communicated to European science and policy organizations through the EMB.

Consider attending if you:

  • Are an ECOP (i.e., Masters, PhD or Post-doc) and related to one of the EMB member organizations
  • Do research (natural sciences, social sciences, etc.) related to marine sciences 


Travel expenses can potentially be covered by your institution (ask your supervisor and/or contact us in case of questions:

On-site catering is covered by the EMB and partners. The EMB and partners are currently looking into covering the accommodation in Santiago de Compostela for ECOPs, especially the ones from countries in economic transition. If you are interested in attending the forum, fill out the expression of interest form here before May 9th, 2023.

Preliminary agenda

Sunday 8 October 2023

Morning 9:00-13:00 (ECOPs and Young Ambassadors)
Introduction to the EMB ECOP program
Coffee break
Discussion: Brainstorming ideas on how to engage ECOPs in the policy landscape. All the outcomes of this session will be turned into ECOP network recommendations for scientific and policy communities on how to better engage with ECOPs (ECOPs and Young Ambassadors) 

Afternoon 14:30-18:00
Team Building outdoor activity 

Evening 18:00- 19:30
Informal get-together: Open discussion/dialogue between ECOPs and possibly with some  stakeholders.

Monday 9 October 2023

Morning 8:00-13:00 (Speakers, Young Ambassadors and EMB Secretariat)
Presentation: Current science-policy landscape in Europe
Presentation: Introduction to the EMB and it’s activities (i.e., what exactly is and how to engage with the European science-policy landscape)

Coffee break

Presentation: What is happening now in European policies?
Discussion: Open dialogue and questions

Afternoon 14:30-17:00 (Speaker 1, Speaker 2 and Young Ambassadors)
Presentation: Communication: how to make your science more policy friendly? 

Coffee break

Tools: How to make your research more impactful?
Presentation/Open Dialogue: Current opportunities for ECOPs to engage in the policy landscape

Evening 18:00 - ...
Meeting close (including next step for the EMB ECOP network)
Informal get-together: Open discussion/dialogue between ECOPs and stakeholders